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View Glazing is a bespoke architectural glazing company that provides a fully comprehensive range of design, manufacture and installation services for beautiful aluminium and frameless windows, doors and roofs.

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Case Study House For Green-Belt Kent

View Glazing have proposed initial plans for a timber and glass box designed home in Green-Belt Kent. Partnering with Architecturall Ltd, the house takes advantage of the amazing woodland setting with large format, eco- performing glazing to all rooms. Hidden completely from view, the proposed design can relax in terms of overlook and privacy issues (a rare commodity) with the surrounding trees acting as the privacy screen.  With inspiration being taken from the 1950's Case Study Houses of LA, we look forward to developing the concept through to reality across 2014.

View Glazing takes on design of new build house in Bromley

Working with architects, View Glazing have been involved at the concept stage for the design and construction of a 480m2 new build house in Bromley.  The exterior glazing plays an important aspect to the design of the house as the plot is completely surrounded by houses and has no street frontage.  The glazing design concentrates on creating a connection to the garden without the home owners feeling infringed from surrounding neighbours.  

The house received planning permission last moth and the project is set to start on site at the end of February. 


Working Photographs and updates from our sites

Below are a selection of our running photographs and updates, taken via Instagram, whilst on our sites. The photographs show insight into the more detailed aspect of our work as it happens.  

View Glazing has been nominated for the Lighting Design Awards !

View Glazing has been short-listed, with the Larch House, for the for the Lighting Design Awards 'daylight' category. This is very exciting news for us as we entered the competition against some big-named projects from the past year, so to be nominated is more than enough recognition in itself.  

So, we are heading to the award ceremony early next year to see the project on the big screen. Can't wait...


vie w glazing.jpg

View Glazing Enters The Lighting Design Awards

View Glazing, in conjunction with Architecturall, have submitted the Larch House to the Lighting Design Awards for the Daylight category.  Having personally been invited by the competition's editor to submit the scheme, View returned to the property to photograph evening-time shots. Focusing on the frameless structural glass roof and the large sliding aluminium doors, the photographs aim to capture the quality of the light during the evening hours.  As the photographs highlight, the large architectural sliding glazing and minimal windows capture the fading light and look equally impressive from both inside and out.  A successful photo shoot, let's hope View can be equally successful at the awards.  

View Glazing strengthens working relationship with Harwood

View Glazing are pleased to announce they have signed up with Harwood Approved Inspectors to manage the Building Control aspect for the third consecutive project in a row.  

Harwood are a team of Building Control service and construction consultancy specialists with vast knowledge, experience and expertise in all aspects of the Building Regulations, associated legislation and standards. If you wish to find out more about the company or their services, please visit



View Glazing pick up recognition with the Larch House, Surrey

Professional photographers have attended the Larch House in Surrey to snap the property for the leading homes and interior magazines.  The striped back interior design and large format glazing (looking onto the surrounding heathland) has been recognised by the design industry as an understated example of contemporary housing design within the UK.

Favoured for it's 'art gallery' feel,  View undertook a major portion of the design and construction work for the project, ensuring the quality would remain of a high standard for the Clients.  The large sliding aluminium doors and frameless structural glass roof establish an exciting design shift from standard housing and View are pleased to have been so heavily involved with the scheme.  

The photographs featured below are a selection of shots from the day, high-lighting the space and light achieved from high ceilings, large format glazing and the all-important central frameless roof light.  

View Glazing wins Bespoke Design Project in Royal Tunbridge Wells

View Glazing have won a scheme tender, along with Architecturall Ltd (, to construct a £450,000 glass and timber extension to a seminal 1960's Arne Jacobson style property in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Very few examples of modern Danish architecture exists in the UK, and View Glazing are proud to have won the tender, obtaining the opportunity to work on such an amazing house.

View Glazing's (and Architecturall's) approach to the design concentrated on retaining the 'Modernist' concept of the original house, whilst gently introducing new architectural elements to the overall design, such as over sized sliding doors and large format picture windows.  Situated amongst a woodland and lake setting, the views from the house will be simply stunning once the works are complete.  The site commencement date is set for early September with a 6 month build duration.  The results should be impressive...  

View Glazing Re-branding Complete

Following a successful 5 years in the industry, View have re-branded themselves to better reflect their core value; that good design can be incorporated into houses through large format glazing, whilst still providing cost effective solutions for clients. The re-designed website and new logo reflect View's simplicity and straight forward approach to designing and installing aluminium windows and doors.  

Good design should involve all aspects of the building industry, and at the heart of this should be the most important building of all - your home.  

To see our newly launched branding go to

letter head_no strap.jpg

Photo Shoot finished for Ideal Homes Magazine

Ideal Homes Magazine have just finished shooting one of our most recently completed projects in the Cotswolds.  View was approached by the magazine as they wanted to run a feature on how large format glazing works within a kitchen interior. The article will appear in the September issue.  

The magazine editors were so impressed by our work, they have invited View to design a bespoke solution for one of the editor's own homes.  

ideal home.jpg

View complete aluminium glazing installation in Surrey

View has just completed the installation of their complete range of aluminium doors and windows within a contemporary project in Surrey. Tucked away in spectacular heathland, a substantial portion of this timber box house was designed and built by our own team of architects and contractors using our Install service. Wide picture windows, 3 metres long, take full advantage of the beautiful views and a frameless roof glazing system inserted into the centre of the house floods light into the heart of this dynamic space.  A truly enjoyable piece of contemporary architecture, this modest and understated design exceeded the Clients' brief.